Information Overload

Everytime I’m hit by upsetting news –usually medically related – , I do the same thing.  I jump on the internet and immerse myself in information.  I become obsessed.

Jack’s diagnosis is no exception.  The initial information was extremely upsetting.  The kind of news that makes you slam your laptop shut and push it away. A life expectancy of only a few short months. Failed treatments. Lost hope.  

I took a deep breath and dived in once again.  I knew if I looked long enough, I could find something positive.  I have already reached out to a few specialist.  A holistic vet in Seattle (no response so far) and Dr. London, a vet who studies mast cell tumors at Ohio state vet school.  Dr. London responded quickly and compassionately, something I greatly appreciate.  She confirmed our course of treatment is the standard of care for these tumors.  Sadly she knows of no new drugs, treatments, or effective holistic methods.  

Yesterday I found two support groups on Facebook.  Although they are still filled with sad stories, there are also people on there just like Tim and myself.  People looking to make the best of their dog’s diagnosis.  I’ve already received a lot of great ideas.  

While the internet may be a hive of misinformation and negativity, if you look long enough, you’re bound to find a community of people who are just like you.  

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