When enough is enough

Yesterday’s appointment with Jackie’s oncologist was long – literally and emotionally.  The very real conversation of what options we have left was sobering and painful.

We returned to the original chemo – Vinblastine, however, another option was put on the table.  We can now do radiation. Having this option available is not really a good sign.  It’s the choice that opens up when a tumor is so large is causes discomfort.  It is not a cure.  Nothing for Jackie at this point is a cure.

Only two places in our area provide canine radiation. We will probably go for a consultation but at this point we are coming to terms with the limited time we have left with him.

I wish I had a magic cure that could make this all go away but mostly I wish there was more awareness of mass cell cancer. I wish I knew back then as much as I know now – not just about Jackie’s current health but about his disease. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to have that little lump removed.

Jackie at the beach

Doggie Bucket List: Swim in the ocean. Labor Day Weekend 2014

A long silence

Jackie’s blog has remained silent for a long time.  There is a reason.  I told myself I would keep this space a positive place.  I wanted to spare the web another blog spelling out the heartache of a sick dog  –  specifically the heartache of a dog with a high grade MCT.  I hoped this blog would be the tale of an impossible recovery.

The past 6 weeks of Jackie’s life have not been good.  In an attempt to find a maintenance medication, we switched him from Vinblastine to CCNU.  That didn’t work.  We then tried palladia for a month.  During that time the tumor grew and Jackie experienced terrible side effects. In the hope the medication would kick in after a few weeks, we persevered.  The tumor doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger (at least for the past week).

The most concerning part of the last 4 weeks has been the decline in Jackie’s quality of life.  He can no longer stand for more than a few seconds.  He can no longer climb the stairs. He can no longer go for walks.

Today we have a follow up visit with his oncologist.  I hope returning to the original treatment plan will restore his sparkle.