When enough is enough

Yesterday’s appointment with Jackie’s oncologist was long – literally and emotionally.  The very real conversation of what options we have left was sobering and painful.

We returned to the original chemo – Vinblastine, however, another option was put on the table.  We can now do radiation. Having this option available is not really a good sign.  It’s the choice that opens up when a tumor is so large is causes discomfort.  It is not a cure.  Nothing for Jackie at this point is a cure.

Only two places in our area provide canine radiation. We will probably go for a consultation but at this point we are coming to terms with the limited time we have left with him.

I wish I had a magic cure that could make this all go away but mostly I wish there was more awareness of mass cell cancer. I wish I knew back then as much as I know now – not just about Jackie’s current health but about his disease. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to have that little lump removed.

Jackie at the beach

Doggie Bucket List: Swim in the ocean. Labor Day Weekend 2014

One thought on “When enough is enough

  1. Hi! It’s Donna with Kodi. I feel your pain and echo your thoughts. I had never heard of mast cell cancer and had no idea I should be looking for it. Like you with your blog, I went to all my dog sites and told his story. The what if’s drive you mad. Think of it this way. By telling your story, you may have helped another. I wish you the best with Jackie. It is so hard to accept. We have been trying to cone to terms with what it all means too. Bless you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Donna, Bob and slobbery kisses from Kodi!


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