Due Dates Aren’t Deadlines

Sitting here at my kitchen table, two days past my due date, keeping busy, and waiting.  Waiting for a tiny person to decide “Today is a good day to enter the world”. Although I don’t know if I would pick a hot, humid day in July that feels like 103.

What do I do while stuck in between phasing out of work and caring for a newborn?  I think of all the personal projects that faded from the limelight as my schedule became more hectic and my personal time disappeared.  The first victim is always the blog.

So here is my annual blog post.  Perhaps I will keep up with it for awhile or perhaps it will fade away once again. I make no promises. Of course Facebook reminds me almost daily I’m letting down my followers. 

Friends and family, stay tuned.  At some point this peanut will enter the world – willingly or unwillingly!

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