3 years gone

Facebooks daily reminders of your past events is typically happy …and sometimes annoying. But January 27th brings back a sad reminder.

Three years ago our Jackie, and blogs namesake, left us. I’m not sure why his passing is still so raw and today I always spend a few moments reflecting on his life and the experience of his illness. Many dogs have left paw prints on my heart but Jackie seems to hold a special place. I believe his kind nature coupled with his viscous cancer and resulting short life, made his death particularly tragic.

I hope, wherever he is, he is running and playing. I hope he spends everyday doing all the things he loves. Miss you, Buddy!

Manatee Mayhem

Today we visited Manatee Lagoon in Palm Beach. The Manatees are drawn to the warm waters produced by the local power plant. I was shocked to see over 100 manatees! Some were small but many were huge. If your ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by. Small bonus: It’s free!

6 months in and loving it

Teddy is almost 6 months old. Where did the time go, right!? Teddy is simply the cutest and we love every moment 😍.

Theodore in review:

Weight: ~15lbs

Eye color: hazel

Loves: his sister, eating, babbling, grabbing hair and chewing on his feet.

Happiest moment: diaper time!

Coming up: crawling, real solids and teeth 😬

My first flight!Yummy toes!I love to bounce!