4 weeks in with 3 kids

Four weeks ago we were blessed with the arrival of our third child – Benjamin. While we were overjoyed by his safe delivery, we faced the reality of life with three kids.  Yikes!

Over the past few months many friends and family lovingly reminded us how chaotic, horrible, awful, paralyzing, overwhelming, daunting, messy and generally terrible our life would be once Ben arrived.  I admit the constant nay-saying got under my skin and the apparent joy those around us seemed to get in our upcoming ‘torment’ made me more than grumpy at times. {{Apologies if you were the victim of a sharp-tongued retort.}

So how is life four weeks in?

Is my house messier? Yes.  Is my life crazier? Yes.  Is my coffee always cold by the time I drink it? Yes! So would I change it if I could? No!

To those that said our life would be chaotic, I say, to some degree, you were right.  Our life is much louder and unorganized but that is what’s easy to see.  Beyond the circus is the formation of a new family.

Without the addition of Ben I couldn’t see Teddy as a big brother and witness how surprising caring and tender he can be (he’s 2 and rarely gentle).  I once again get to see Maddy as a big sister but this time older and more mature. And of course, I get to know Ben :).

What I can say four weeks into life with three kids is this: Our time and attention may be divided but the love and our hearts have grown.


Our newest addition 💙

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