Antibiotic Treatments: Complete!

Since Jackie’s abscess was extremely nasty it needed to be treated with an equally nasty antibiotic.  For a week Jack went to French Creek for daily injections.  These injections, however, were not as simple as a needle prick.

Jack was prescribed Amikacin.  It is used cautiously as it can cause kidney damage.  To mitigate any unwanted side effects,  Jackie received half a bag of fluid subcutaneously before getting his shot.  Although he looked a bit like a lopsided camel when he was done, it didn’t seem to bother him too much.  That being said, he was very excited to go home. 🙂

Out of the frying pan…

I received a call from Jackie’s surgeon, Dr. Schwab.  The results from the abscess biopsy were in.  I was told it contained the canine equivalent of MRSA.  He was confident none of the infectious material made it into his body, however, he wanted to be safe since it’s highly resistant to most antibiotics.  Jack started an injectable antibiotic.  He will need 1 injection everyday for the next week.

Jackie just can’t seem to catch a break these days.