The waiting game…

I find myself once again on the precipice of leave.  Of course this time I know 2x as well what to expect and yet I’m still building up my expectations.  I have visions of putting down the phone and turning off the TV in exchange for sun-filled days, taking my daughter to the pool, enjoying ice cream as the day ends and finally getting to all those projects left lingering on my outdated to-do lists. Fantasy but still entertained.

The reality, also known 2x as well, is my leave will fly by in the blink of an eye. It will be filled with lots of foggy days at home, doctors’ appointments, odd sleep patterns, tons of nursing, lots of Netflix, colicky evenings, and the occasional goal met.

While I spend these last few weeks of pregnancy daydreaming about my upcoming domestic sabbatical, I also know 2x as well, the bittersweet brevity of it all. Before I know it I will be preparing to go back to work, getting Maddy ready for first grade, realizing Teddy is creeping closer to preschool than the infant room and preparing baby for full time daycare.

So while I wait, I’ll keep scanning Pinterest and living vicariously through my boards.

Good Deed Basket


Good Deed


Two weeks ago we started a new reward system in our house.  The concept is simple but extremely effective.

  1. Do something good. Do something helpful.
  2. The Easter Bunny drops off a reward egg
  3. More good deeds = more earned eggs
  4. Surprise Easter morning when the eggs are full of goodies

Include a note to highlight an achievement 

Maddy  has loved this.  She  is so excited to showoff her success 🙂

The only problem is…I’m not sure what I’m going to do after Easter!